About the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

Our History

From our humble beginnings in 1922 when Mr. Ally Beitel and Mr. R. L. Schmerbeck met at Pampell’s in downtown Kerrville, the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce has been an active and integral part of business in our area. With over 90 years of history behind us, some of Kerrville’s most recognizable names have been part of the rich tradition of this organization. Scott Schreiner, W.G. Garrett, Jr., Martin Stehling, Harry Schwethelm, Ken Stoepel, John Grimes and William Goertz to name just a few are part of our legacy of leadership that has forged the Chamber into the forefront of Hill Country organizations.

Whether the focus has been on tourism, transportation, industrial development or community development, the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce has played an active and important role in the growth of Kerrville and Kerr County. Membership in the Chamber exceeds 900 members and continues to be a “must-have investment” for businesses looking to become involved in economic development for our region. For people looking to relocate their home or business to our area, the Chamber provides invaluable resources for our member-investors through extensive information availability and dissemination.

One thing has remained constant for over 90 years; businesses, organizations and individuals have continued their memberships in the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce and as we look ahead to the future, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in Kerrville…It’s All Right Here!

Vision of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

We the Chamber wish to preserve the natural beauty and rich heritage of the Hill Country by encouraging responsible commerce and thoughtful, progressive growth by promoting opportunities for all citizens and future generations.

The Mission of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce exists to strengthen and improve the greater Kerrville area business community in order to promote the economic well-being of our citizens.