A controversial zoning change request is coming to the Kerrville City Council on Tuesday with a recommendation that it be denied.

The planning and zoning commission voted Feb. 1 against the request to rezone four properties on Clay and Myrta streets from residential transition to 21-N, a light commercial zoning that is used along Sydney Baker Street.

Bruce Motheral and Joseph Reeh brought the zoning request for properties they own separately in and around the 800 block of Clay Street.

Motheral wants to put parking behind a commercial development he owns on Sidney Baker Street, and Reeh wants to consolidate the zoning for property he owns that straddles the two areas.

The commission recommended denying the request after neighboring residents argued that rezoning would bring in too much traffic and destroy what was left of the neighborhood’s historical and residential character.

It was also noted that Motheral’s parking need could be met individually if the city granted conditional use permits in RT zones. The planning and zoning commission has since begun talking about putting that use into the zoning codes.

Despite the commission’s negative vote, the request must go before the city council as part of the process.

KPUB loan amendment

The city council will also consider an amendment to a loan agreement with the Kerrville Public Utility Board.

The city borrowed $7.5 million from the utility in 2016 to help finance construction of a treated wastewater retention pond. To enable the city to borrow still more funds for needed wastewater and water treatment projects, KPUB has agreed to interest-only payments for three years — through February 2023 — and to extend the overall repayment term by three years to August 2029.

Other business

In other business Tuesday, the city council is scheduled to:

• Host a public hearing and consider on first reading an amendment to the zoning code, revising the definition of home occupation, and adopting regulations for that use.

• Make three appointments to the recovery community coalition.

• Make three appointments to the zoning board of adjustment and appeals.

• Hear a presentation and consider direction to staff regarding regulating the use of portable electronic devices while driving.

• Hear a presentation and consider direction to staff regarding regulating the escort of oversized loads through the city, including a fee structure for providing police escorts.

• Hear an update on zoning code enforcement in the city.

• Present the Kerrville Police Department Officer of the Year Award to Austin Beal.




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