During its 4 p.m. Monday meeting at Kerrville City Hall, the Kerrville Economic Improvement Corporation will consider a new contract for administrative services with the city.

In October, the EIC asked city staff to reconfigure the corporation’s annual administrative services contract with a category specifically for legal representation.

Members expressed concern that should the EIC be involved in a legal dispute with the city, it would need to hire outside representation because the city attorney would represent Kerrville in such an instance.

EIC Vice President Sheri Patillo said that unless there is a line item for legal counsel in the agreement, the EIC might have to ask the city council — with which it would be at odds — for money to pay for an attorney.

The city’s original proposal for $100,000 provided for annual staff support in four areas: legal representation, engineering/project management, financial and administrative.

In other business on Monday’s agenda, the EIC will consider funding an application for assistance with a public infrastructure extension related to a private development along Thompson Road. An executive session is on the agenda for discussion of the matter.

The EIC will also hear project updates on the Kerrville River Trail, Kerrville sports complexes, wastewater reuse distribution lines and the H-E-B Tennis Center improvements.

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