Final reading of an ordinance defining home occupations, so that the city can monitor and restrict them, is scheduled for Tuesday’s 6 p.m. Kerrville City Council meeting.

Almost a year in the making, the ordinance resulted from a complaint in the Methodist Encampment neighborhood and the determination that the city had no power to regulate such operations.

Home occupations are currently administered and regulated by a definition in the zoning code that does not provide for registration, monitoring or prosecution, according to Mike Hayes, city attorney.

Work on an ordinance started last spring with the planning and zoning commission and went through several hearings and discussions during the summer and fall.

Two weeks ago, the city council approved the first reading of the ordinance with changes that included allowing one non-resident employee on site at any one time and allowing home sales, but limiting them to a maximum of four times per year.

The ordinance defines “home occupation” as “any activity carried out for gain by a resident which results in the provision for manufacturing of services and/or goods and is conducted as an accessory use in a dwelling unit.”

Home occupations legally in existence at the time the ordinance goes into effect will be allowed to continue in operation. This does not include vehicle repair or service, large appliance repair service or the sale or repair of firearms, ammunition or explosives.




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