Municipal Airport

Municipal Airport

The original Airport, which is now occupied by an industrial park, was purchased by Louis A. Schreiner in 1939 and donated to the City of Kerrville. The airport was named “Louis Schreiner Field,” after its donor, and was approximately 111 acres.

In 1942, the original airport property was traded for approximately 145 acres and the airport was moved to its present site – six miles east of downtown Kerrville on Texas State Highway 27. Louis A.Schreiner, Hal Peterson, and Charlie Peterson donated money for improvements to the new airport. Throughout WW II, the Airport remained in civilian control, but served as a base for military flight training. From 1945 to 1949 the fixed base operator (“FBO”) maintained a Civil Aeronautics Administration approved flight training school and provided a full range of services including repair, maintenance, and charter flights.

In 1948, the City of Kerrville acquired a surplus hangar from Laughlin Air Force Base when the base was temporarily closed. In 1953, Mooney Airplane Company moved from Wichita Kansas to Kerrville into this surplus hangars on Louis Schreiner Field. In 1957, Mooney Airplane Company expanded to include the Kerrville Flying Service tract, and Kerrville Aviation and Dugosh were established across the field in the current ramp area.

Kerr County matched funding for improvements at the Airport from the beginning, and in 1952 the City of Kerrville deeded one-half interest in the Airport to Kerr County. In 1978, the City of Kerrville annexed 64 acres along Hwy 27 and 459 acres of Airport property into the city limits and the next ten years saw extensive development of the east side of the Airport. The FBO and other tenant activities developed around the ramp area as it exists today, and the Airport west of the secondary runway became completely occupied by Mooney Airplane Company. In 2008, the management of the Kerrville/Kerr County Airport at Louis Schreiner Field was granted to the Kerrville/Kerr County Joint Airport Board, which consists of five members.

The Airport currently has 165 based aircraft and averages 50,000 operations per year. The Airport has two runways – Runway 03/21 is 3,600 feet in length and Runway 12/30 is 6,000 feet in length. The Airport consists of approximately 528 acres and is surrounded by 6.5 miles of fence.

The following businesses are currently located at Kerrville/Kerr County Airport:
• Mooney International – occupies 11 buildings, some of which are inter-connected;
• Kerrville Aviation – occupies 5 buildings;
• Dugosh Aviation – occupies 1 buildings;
• Commercial Aviation, Inc. – occupies 1 “private/corporate” hangar;
• Apache Springs Aviation, LLC – occupies 1 “private/corporate” hangar;
• AirEvac EMS, Inc. – occupies 2 buildings, and;
• 12 new T – hangars for a total of 28 T- hangars.

Other buildings on Airport property include two buildings adjacent to the Airport on Airport Loop and a new Terminal Building that was completed in 2007.

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