Summer Camps in the Hill Country

One of the first “industries” that helped put this area on the map is the Camping industry. From the founding of Camp Rio Vista for Boys in 1921, Camp Stewart for Boys in 1924, Camp Mystic for Girls in 1926 and Camp Waldemar for Girls in 1926, the business of camping has been a fixture in our area; one that has had an enormous business impact that extends beyond the summer months when camps are in session.

Summer CampsWhen looking at the camps that are members of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce, these camps and others will collectively bring 6,000-7,000 campers into Kerrville/Kerr County each year; factoring in their parents and their family members, the impact on our local economy begins to mushroom. Hotel rooms, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, department stores, jewelry stores, salons, real estate, food services, and other businesses feel an immediate impact.

The trickle down grows as these businesses buy goods and services from their suppliers and vendors, and the result is a major, long-term industry for Kerr County. Collectively, Kerrville/Kerr County camps will employ almost 2,000 people while in session, and these seasonal workers also impact the local economy by spending money from their paychecks at local restaurants and other retail services businesses. The impact of these facilities was so important to the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce, that it initiated the Kerr County Camp Hall of Fame in 2006 and inducted its first member in 2007. This annual salute to the people in the camping industry is just one of the ways the chamber understands the value of camping in our area.

Among the finest in the country, Kerrville/Kerr County camps like Camp LaJunta for Boys, Camp Arrowhead for Girls, Camp Honey Creek for Girls, Heart O’ The Hills Camp for Girls, YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, Texas Lions Camp, Kickapoo Kamp for Girls, Camp Tecaboca, Laity Lodge Youth Camp (H.E. Butt Foundation), Camp Mystic, Camp Maddox, Camp Rio Vista/Camp Sierra Vista, C.A.M.P. Camp, Camp Eagle, Camp Stewart, Camp Waldemar, Hill Country Camp, Mo Ranch Conference Center and others continue to solidify our area as the place for campers in Texas.